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For many countries buses are their main means of public transportation, yet it is the most difficult type to maintain security. Not only does the driver have to battle with other automobiles on the road while dropping and picking up passengers at each bus stop, he/she may have to deal with violence, vandalism, and inappropriate behaviors of passengers on board. In order to prevent incidents from happening, surveillance systems can be implemented on buses and at stations which represents a great alternative solution to combat crimes, protect passengers, monitor road conditions and dead angles, settle accidental disputes, and resolves many other difficulties that brings to bus drivers.


  • Providing instant live views on moving vehicle to management office and the driver’s dashboard. Moreover, getting the “entire fleet of buses’” recording data transfer back to the management office
  • Constant vibration on the moving vehicle, which drastically reduces the lifespan of the recording device.
  • The extreme temperatures on the vehicle between the day and night versus season weather. Direct sunshine and bad ventilation all can be the source of the cause for failed system and inactive components.
  • Equipment are the sensitive and quite vulnerable to dust and dirt. Rodents and other insects are known to invade and nest.
  • Unstable source of power and sudden electric spikes to the recording device on the vehicle which can result to electronic shortage and causing the unit to malfunction.

Plustek with the track record of producing quality security surveillance recorders offers professional solution to fit the needs of public transportation, such as buses. Mobile models are certified with CE EN50498 which is compatible with e-Mark certification for electronic devices installed on vehicles. Moreover, Plustek’s innovative design ‘V-technology,” mounts the hard disk on to eight springs and with three layers of shock absorbing cushions, which minimized the constant vibration during transit. Its 10/100/1000 of Ethernet connectivity with DHCP server provides smoother data transmission and configuration with ease. On top of it the mobile series can easily sustain the extreme operating temperatures with added fans and fins, furthermore, heat sensor is added and alarm can be trigger shall the device is operating abnormally; all can prevent the systems from crashing. Data transfer can be the bottleneck for many when transferring data over wireless, selected Plustek’s mobile series are equipped with 3G/4G data transfer functions, which ease the administrator in monitoring both inside and out on moving vehicles. To further ease the sudden spike or surge shortage of the battery in these vehicles, a smart regulator for power system is included to provide not only a wide range of electricity, but assist the recorder to shut down safely and extend the lifespan of both the recorder and the battery in the vehicle.

NVR 4200V

NP Series
Successful Development References
Country Customer Model
Taiwan Taoyuan Inter-City Bus NVR 4200V + NP Series
Germany Heymann Medical Bus Company NVR 4200V
Germany KVS Inter-City Bus NVR 4200V
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