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Successful Development References

With public transportation security threats at an all-time high, video surveillance on public transportations, such as, buses, trucks, rails, metro rails and fire engines can help protect innocent citizens, staff of the transportation companies and goods from terrorist attacks, vandalism, nuisance, etc. and help maintain a safe and secure transportation environment.

The on board video security not only provide passengers with an added sense of security, but also can supply valuable evidence during criminal investigations. Sometimes it is important to get evidence after accidents occur on the road in order to know who is guilty and who is not. Very often goods are stolen and even sometimes complete trucks are stolen. On the face of growing numbers of incidents, many transportation companies are installing video surveillance in order to keep their passengers, staff and goods safe.

Plustek offers a wide range of security solutions from public transportation networks to logistics, emergency vehicles, mobile command centers and much more. Engineered to withstand the often-heavy vibrations generated by the vehicles, the ability to withstand the temperature fluctuations, built for dependability, long life, and low maintenance. Plustek provides the perfect mobile surveillance solution for public and commercial transportation field of usage.

Robust Shock-Proof Design
The series is dedicated in design for the transportation vehicle usage. Facing the various harsh motor vehicle and road condition environments, Plustek created a unique and innovative, V-Technology, in which, it isolates the hard drive that is assembled onto eight springs. The springs possess a very low spring rate that minimized the vibration created during transit. Moreover, a three-layer shock absorbing cushion is added all aids to the protection of your precious data.

Temperature Resistant Design
Easily sustaining extreme temperatures Plustek offers special video recording solutions for use in harsh environmental conditions. Selected products are equipped with specifically designed cooling fins to replace standard cooling fans, thus lowering power consumption and allowing silent operation.

Dedicated Appliance
Plustek mobile series is a non-PC architecture appliance, featured with Linux-embedded standalone system, for easy maintenance. All functions are included in the device without additional application or software. Real time monitoring can be done through connecting to the net. Wheatear is a solution for IP Cameras or an existing analog system that needs a storage device, Plustek has the machine that’s just right for you.

Plustek’s network and digital video recorders have proven themselves implemented from logistic centers to public transportation vehicles, high-tech drone systems, emergency services, buses, waiting areas, automated industrial trucks, fire engines, patrol cars and much more.



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Successful Development References
Country Customer Model
Taiwan Keelung Driver’s Ed of Motor Vehicle nDVR 540V
Taiwan Kaohsiung Driver’s Ed of Motor Vehicle nDVR 580VA
Taiwan Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation NVR 4300V
Taiwan Metro Taipei Corporation NVR 4200V
Taiwan Taoyuan Inter-City Bus NVR 4200V + NP Series
Taiwan Taichung Inter-City Bus NVR 4200V + NP Series
Iran DPS Patrol Services NVR 4200V
Germany Heymann Medical Bus Company NVR 4200V
Germany STRUCK Truck Rescue Services Company NVR 4000
Germany German Fire&Rescue Center NVR 4200V
Germany Combisped Logistic Center of Lubck NVR 4200V
Germany KVS Inter-City Bus NVR 4200V
Germany European Governmental Fire&Rescue Pronto NVR 4200V
Germany Taxi Service of Munich NVR 4200V
Germany Forklift Service of Germany NVR 4200V
Germany Deutche Bahn Services of Rail NVR 4200V
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