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The use of solar power as an alternate power source is rapidly gaining grounds especially given the fact that the traditional source of energy i.e. thermal and coal are diminishing day by day. Secondly for the reason that there are many places where wired connections becoming impossible and there solar power becomes a capable and feasible alternative. We have already seen telecom antennas and radios are being power by solar panels and now we are seeing an increasing demand for solar power for remote surveillance appliances and CCTVs. Not only for the remote locations but also for the highly mobile surveillance situations solar power is becoming a best alternative. For example the large trailers, which move from one part of the country to the other part carrying various essential goods for consumption, are deploying solar powered surveillance appliances. The obvious reason is that these transportation companies do not want the external power consuming devices to suck power from the battery available in the trailers as it is only to support lighting, horn, audio and video system of the vehicle and extra burden on the power source could easily hamper the performance of those systems.

Rather, they are adding a solar panel, a charge controller and a large battery and connecting that to the security system for an uninterrupted power supply. The surveillance system requires only an average of 5.3 hours of sunlight per day. So are seeing high return on investment against their overall investment but the issue for them is that there are not enough equipment’s available in the markets which are compatible with solar systems.

Advantages using Plustek’s Surveillance Recorders:

1.Edge NVR Built for Tough Environments: Extreme NVR

Compact, stylish, aluminum design, an embedded standalone NVR can be installed in any location even a hard-to-reach location. The fanless NVR is able to cope with temperatures from -4˚F to +149˚F and offers trouble free maintenance, making it perfect for portable and outdoor solar power friendly recording applications.

Consuming only 8 watts with standard AC 12V, the system is the most energy efficient combination of battery and solar power technology

2.Stable Network Bandwidth, Better Quality

Under the regular architecture of centralized video management, all cameras provide the image while processing and recording is complete on the management center. The network congestion is created, especially added challenge from the megapixel cameras. High resolution camera strains the network, makes it harder and expensive to get the live video stream from multiple megapixel cameras.

With built-in network switch, each Plustek edge NVR reserved only for camera video stream for a reliable and better video quality. Ideal for using megapixel cameras, the standalone NVR will not add to the workload of the central server, even when applying a high frame rate. Independent digital recorder also eliminates the central storage bottlenecks server work loading and reduces bandwidth consumption.

3.Uninterrupted Onsite Recording

Due to the NVR and IP-Cam are in the same network, the video can be recorded onsite continuously. Even in the circumstances of nature disasters, construction damage, or unexpected causes that disconnects the network between IP-Cam and the central server, any critical footage will never lost. Administrator can retrieve data when the network communication or power has been restored.

Furthermore, Plustek NVR provides a separated storage partition specifically for alarm/motion footages, retain the triggered even up to 90 days or 30% of hard drive space.

4.Lower Cost of Bandwidth

Archiving high definition video in a fully integrated NVR eliminates the bandwidth used to backhaul video to centralized storage. Local NVR keeps high-quality videos at the edge and only transfer video on demand can limit the amount data. This edge storage dramatically reduces bandwidth consumption and infrastructure demands of high-resolution video.

Without sacrificing the forensic value of evidence, Plustek MultiManager is designed to retrieve event (such as motion) or backup down-sizable frame rate of regular recording. Central management center can process the backup after peak hours to reduce network bandwidth usage by scheduling.

5.Unify Management

A unified video management system provides a single interface to view live images from analog/IP cameras connected to DVR/NVR, and manage live/recorded video from both DVRs and NVRs. This maximizes your analog investments and streamlines your operations.

6.Advance Error Notification

Certainly today's offsite storage offers a good option as storage-as-a-service or “cloud” storage, a service over the Internet using massive data centers. Using NVR with edge-recording capabilities, the video can be stored directly from connected cameras. It provide the necessary capacity and 24/7 access.

The Plustek Edge NVR is built-in internal storage auto error detection feature, which will keep the log of events and notify manager to replace the internal storage (HDD or SSD) pro-actively. Plustek Advanced Storage Error Notification prevents the data lost and secures the video before storage damaged.

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