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Manufacturing facilities are similar to a small societal group where the staffs work at on a daily basis. It is essential for the owner to keep the premises stable and reliable thus may turn to a cost-effective video monitoring system that can provide security but furthermore watch over production lines while improving the operational efficiency. Like construction sites, thefts are also commonly seen in factories, as raw materials such as steel, copper, lumber, electronic parts are valuable on the market; facilities are in high-risk of being targeted. Trade-secrets are also another important part in factory planets, as it needs to be highly secure and guarded to remain competitive in this fast developing market. Therefore, finding the right surveillance system is a necessity, nonetheless, it needs to be affordable, yet stable and service-driven.


  • Surveillance equipment is closely installed in places where heavy machineries are operating, therefore, devices needs to be sturdy from possible fallen items.
  • Possible outage in the factory facilities, which can cause shortage to the electronics and the security system.
  • Using higher resolution cameras to monitor the production line, yet, facing data transfer and unstable bandwidth environment within the factory.
  • Longer the transfer cables can result in higher risk of frame lost during video data transfer.
  • Equipment are the sensitive and vulnerable to dust and dirt.

Plustek offers video recorder solution that provides 10/100/1000Mbps with DHCP functions. The solution is based on Distribution Management System (DMS) to balance the bandwidth of the data transfer. The compact design and mini dimension is suitable to be installed everywhere with cameras. All the videos can be recorded in local device without any frame lost. The recorded videos are ready to be downloaded if needed. The fanless design can block dust and keep the recorder clean and continuous operating condition. It is extremely economical comparing with other brands in the similar range. Plustek’s recorder is designed for various extreme environments that can avoid hot shutdown during recording. In addition, Plustek also provides Video Management System/Software, MultiManager, for multi-view monitoring allowing factory owners to monitor factory status via PC and/or Apps for monitoring over pads/smartphones.

NVR 4300

NVR Slim380

nDVR 540

nDVR 580
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