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Real time live security surveillance is extremely essential particularly to construction sites. Issues such as accidents, worker injuries, vandalism, and theft of raw materials are seen regularly, not only does it become a costly overhead expense, at times; these incidents can bring endless lawsuits to the owners. Choosing the right surveillance equipment allows filtering of incoming and outgoing activities, acts in supervision of the environment during the absence of supervisors and contractors, and it’s extremely vital and crucial step for protecting the safety of the workers and environment. Keeping managements alert, minimize risks on site, more importantly, prevent crime before it happens!


  • It is challenging and expensive to wire the equipment on the wide open construction site. Everything including the transfer lines needs to be built from scratch.
  • When the system is experiencing issues during installation, it is not an easy task to identify and resolve the matter.
  • Equipment are the sensitive and quite vulnerable to dust and dirt. Facing directly to the unstable weather conditions, such as, high winds, rain, debris, or simply torrid conditions are all possible cause to damaging the system.
  • Surveillance device are faced to higher danger than storing at other locations. Besides theft, these devices are closely installed in places where heavy machineries are operating.

Plustek security provides a multi-location monitoring solution with a distributed management system to the rescue. An outdoor surveillance camera can be setup, IP or analog, with a combination of Plustek’s recorder (NVRs, DVRs, or even Hybrids), on each construction site. Uninterrupted surveillance streams can be stored directly at the local site; moreover, each device is design to withstand wide temperature range which is perfect for outdoor installations. Plustek’s recorders not only provides uninterrupted on-site recording but also high speed Giga LAN interfaces, allowing the recorder to send high-definition (HD) video streams back to the monitoring center. In addition, applying Plustek VMS software, MultiManger, users can easily backup the surveillance video files automatically to the central server at the monitoring facility through simple configuration and monitor various location all in one central location.

NVR 4300

NVR Slim380

nDVR 580
Successful Development References
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Taiwan TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall Construction Site NVR 4300
Taiwan Taiwan Land Development - Hsinchu Sinpu Ecological Community ProjectNVR 4300
Taiwan Taiwan Land Development - Hualian LOHAS Creative Park Project NVR 4300
Taiwan Taiwan Land Development - Kinmen Commerce Recreation Center Project NVR 4300
Construction Site
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