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Tough & Industrial
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Security surveillance has become a vital element of industrial related monitoring of its daily operations, yet, it is rarely installed in ideal conditions such as a home or office thus such equipment often needs to be made suitable in tough, industrial or extreme environments. Environmental factors can often bring big problems for normal hardware such as dust, cold, heat, and heat fluctuations, water, sand, salt and many more. These issues however have to be combatted for number of reasons, yet, most importantly, to the protection of our assets. For whatever reason that surveillance is needed, Plustek is sure there is a solution available.

Discreet yet Powerful
Surveillance equipment is often required to be either hidden or in hard to reach locations. This can be for a number of reasons such as covert surveillance or simply to stop thieves damaging or discovering the equipment. The unique design of the Plustek recorder range has been designed with all of this in mind and therefore can be installed in the most obscure of locations.

Tiny yet Robust
Plustek can offer a range of slim and small recorders for installation in covert and tight locations. The fan-less design on the slim range combats dust and sand and the efficient heat dispersing design of the shell/ casing has been created to work in extreme temperatures without fail.

Plustek can also offer ruggedized units for installation in locations with vibrations or shocks may be an issue. This means that installation next to heavy machinery or onto moving parts is possible. After years of research and development in this field, Plustek are able to offer unrivalled products for recording surveillance footage and accessing it from both on and off site locations.

Analog & IP- Your Choice
Whether using traditional CCTV cameras or Network cameras, Plustek can offer a solution that caters for specific needs. With many systems simply being updated rather than replaced, Plustek also offer Hybrid technology to combine the video feeds of both CCTV cameras and network cameras to one system.

With an in-depth knowledge and outstanding experience working on numerous national and global projects, Plustek is the ideal solution provider for surveillance recording needs. With Plustek’s unique design and manufacturing ethos you can be sure the right solution can be provided. The Plustek Research and Development department is on the forefront of current recording technology and being a member of ONVIF, Plustek is striving to push international standards to a higher level. Surveillance and networking have over the years become combined and Plustek can offer solutions to make the most of this. Designed from a networking base upwards Plustek devices are ensured to be network friendly and simple to install in what can be a confusing infrastructure.


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Successful Development References
Country Customer Model
Japan Telecommunication Company NVR Slim240
Germany Government Administration Police Department of Sandesneben-Nusse NVR Slim240
Germany City Eutin Electricity Service -Swimming Hall NVR 4300
Germany City Eutin Electricity Service -Building NVR 4300
Iran City Prison of Iran NVR 4000
Taiwan Formosa Petrochemical Corporation Mailiao No. 2 Plant nDVR 540
Taiwan Formosa Petrochemical Corporation Mailiao No. 3 Plant nDVR 540
Taiwan Siemens Server Monitoring Institutes NVR Slim240Pro
Taiwan TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall Construction SiteNVR 4300
Taiwan Taiwan Land Development - Hsinchu Sinpu Ecological Community Project NVR 4300
Taiwan Taiwan Land Development - Hualian LOHAS Creative Park Project NVR 4300
Taiwan Taiwan Land Development - Kinmen Commerce Recreation Center Project NVR 4300
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