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The mammoth sizes of retail stores are naturally vulnerable to the shop lifters and theft from the employees. The retail industry have a long history of using video surveillance to assist with their management, not only does the shrinkage of inventory is an issue, mis-scanning and false accusations of slip&fall is also factors to the profit loss of store owners. Nonetheless, retailers are starting noticing the various limitations that analog system and have been slowly turning to IP, raising the protection bar to a whole new level.

In terms of its dimension and merchandise arrangement, not all stores are alike; however, each storefront must have an exit and entrance, cash register, and most importantly the sales floor. Installing a surveillance system to places such as high-trafficked and unguarded areas will aid to lessen the number of crimes on site, as well as, monitoring shoplifting, employee theft, and other abnormal behaviors.


  • Video files are generally with large data, with megapixel cameras becoming the standard for wide surveillance area, data transfer can be a bottleneck for many recorders.
  • Many stores are franchise and located throughout several cities. It’s difficult to manage all the stores at once.
  • Many stores are already equipped with an older system, upgrading can be expensive and problematic to the integration of both system.
  • Notifications of an abnormal event or immediate access to live and recorded video could not be obtain immediately, thus could not provide a faster response to incidents on site.

Plustek offers video recorder solution for the retail stores, which are not only dynamic but also scalable and remotely manageable. In its line of products, Slim Series, provides 10/100/1000Mbps with DHCP functions. The solution is based on Distribution Management System (DMS) to balance the bandwidth of the data transfer. The compact design and mini dimension is suitable to be installed everywhere with cameras. Wheatear it’s in the server room or hidden in the ceiling, this gadget is your perfect choice serving as your edge-recorder device. Complete surveillance videos can be recorded locally without any frame lost. The recorded videos are ready to be downloaded if needed. The fanless design can block dust and keep the recorder clean and continuous operating condition. It is extremely economical comparing with other brands in the similar range. Plustek’s recorder is designed for various extreme environments that can avoid hot shutdown during recording. In addition, Plustek also provides Video Management System/Software, MultiManager, for multi-view monitoring allowing retail owners to monitor onsite status via PC and/or Apps for monitoring over tablets/smartphones.

NVR Slim380

nDVR 580
Successful Development References
Country Customer Model
Germany Hofbräuhaus Munich NVR 4000
Germany Schmitt & Hahn NVR 4000
Germany Zeitgeist Watches and Juweleer NVR 4000
Germany Drugstore Bären Apotheke Kassel NVR 4000
Germany “Schmitt & Hahn”Frankfurt Rail road Station NVR 4000
Germany The Castle of the Fairy Tale King NVR 4000
Germany Hellmann Fashion NVR 4000
Germany EURONICS STORE in the City Stade NVR 4000
Egypt MicroFilm NVR 4200
USAAT&T My Wireless Retail StoresnDVR 540
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