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No doubt, video security surveillance is one of the most effective systems in fighting against break-ins, theft, and vandalism. With the growing incidents of burglary, installing surveillance system in residential areas is becoming a trend in today’s society. Similarly, apartment complex owners and manager can monitor the premises day and night, wheatear it’s in the parking lot or its surroundings, the footage can be store and stream over net from the surveillance recorders, allowing the residents and administrators to check on their assets whenever, 24/7. Thanks to this advance technology, studies have shown that the amount of crimes have shown a significant decrease, giving a safer environment for its tenants and an easier way for property owners to keep an extra eye on its assets.

Advantages using Plustek’s Surveillance Recorders:

1. Multiple Locations in One Control- Centralized Monitoring, for Recording and Administration/

View real-time video of your home or business from one or more of your cameras. You can watch each angle one at a time, or see all camera views on a single screen. Plustek’s Video Management Software (VMS) helps to accommodate management and operation flexibility for live viewing multi channels and playing the recorded videos. Designed to increase the efficiency and flexibility of NVR monitoring systems, the Plustek VMS MultiManager application allows users to live view up to 128 simultaneous video channels as well as facilitating playback and automated scheduled backup of recorded videos.

2. Smart Alerts and Notification

Increase immediate event verification and response by an email notification with snapshot and a 10-sec pre-alarm buffer on event recording. A ten second pre alarm buffer on event recording ensures no loss of important video and an email notification option can notify security personnel of the alarm, when site is in danger of theft or vandalism.

Using any smartphone/ tablets or web-connected mobile device, you can access saved video clips and even view live feeds.

Recorded data can be retrieved securely and remotely viewed/managed via web/FTP with login access control.

The internal drive in the DVRs/NVRs can be partitioned to separate sensitive or confidential data to restrict access. HDD partitioning for alarm data management, retain the triggered event up to 90 days or 30% of hard drive space.

3. Live Playback

Download recordings at a click of webpage button to any connected file folder, even far away from your video recorders. Recorded videos can be accessed individually from browser, no client software needed. Quickly and easily search days of video to find a specific video clip for forensic evidence after an incident has occurred.

Videos streams can be viewed over the internet thanks to PlustekSecurity DDNS. PlustekSecurity provides free DDNS service and automatic port forwarding to enable view live streaming video through a web browser.

4. Different Levels of Privileges

With authorized Internet access, various users can view the real-time video streams, control the angels of the cameras with PTZ function, or check the video history remotely. Maximized users access by various privileges and password protection at no additional cost (1 administrator + 9 top users or operators + unlimited viewers)

5. Easy installation and configuration

Integrated standalone device built-with embedded system requires no PC to run. The system will auto reboot after the power is outage recovered.

The NVR/DVR has a built in web interface that is used for set-up, configuration, video previews, live view and playback. This interface is accessed by using any web browser.

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