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Gas Station
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Like convenient stores, gas stations or in some culture “petrol stations” provide services 24/7 and 365 days a year. These facilities can be located everywhere. Over a hundred thousand stations alone were found in United States according to the recent Census statistics. These stations do not only sell fuel for the motor vehicles, for some, they also run as a combination of convenient stores and/or propane filler station. As more stations are turning into semi self-service system, they are an easy target to thefts and vandalism, especially during graveyard shifts. A security surveillance system can help protect gas station owner’s asset, moreover, safeguard employees from robbers, thieves, and rapist.


  • Most stations’ cabling are installed inappropriately, thus causing numerous problems on the network. Poor quality and video footage with captured, that was not easily identified and effectively assist the property owner.
  • Video files are generally with large data, with megapixel cameras becoming the standard for wide surveillance area, data transfer can be a bottleneck for many recorders.
  • Many stations are franchise and located throughout several cities. It’s difficult to manage all the stores at once.
  • Many stations are already equipped with an older system, upgrading can be expensive and problematic to the integration of both system.

Plustek offers video recorder solution that provides 10/100/1000Mbps with DHCP functions. The solution is based on Distribution Management System (DMS) to balance the bandwidth of the data transfer. The compact design and mini dimension is suitable to be installed everywhere with cameras. Whether it’s in the server room or on the light pole, this gadget is your perfect choice serving as your edge-recorder device. Complete surveillance videos can be recorded locally without any frame lost. The recorded videos are ready to be downloaded if needed. The fanless design can block dust and keep the recorder clean and continuous operating condition. It is extremely economical comparing with other brands in the similar range. Plustek’s recorder is designed for various extreme environments that can avoid hot shutdown during recording. In addition, Plustek also provides Video Management System/Software, MultiManager, for multi-view monitoring allowing factory owners to monitor factory status via PC and/or Apps for monitoring over pads/smartphones.

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