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Multi-Location Installations
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The advance knowledge we possessed today comes in great aid to the ever expanding demands when it comes to security surveillance. We are faced with an enormous growth of threats from various external and internal quarters on day-to-day bases. The implementation of multi-site video security systems is one of the fundamental and most effective and convenient way to manage ones treasured assets and safety. Thanks to the rapid development of modern security surveillance skills from Plustek, you can be sure to leave the technical to the professionals and focus your energy to what’s really important to you.

Plustek provides the complete high performance security solutions and simplifying security management for multi-location application. The simple and quick installations provides you with an extreme economical solution for guarding your multiple properties, managing numerous chain-stores, observe offices located at various locations and so much more. Each unit is design with Linux-embedded standalone system. Conveniently mount at the local site as an “edge-device” and centralize manage several locations at your fingertips. Plustek’s design conception is devoted to making your everyday life easier.

Fast & Easy
Plustek’s security surveillance product lines are simple and easy to install. Conveniently adapt onto any existing site. Through combination of our various series, public cameras without any recalibration can be plug online in minutes. Moreover, the various supported compression formats provides you the flexibility to maximize your recording image qualities and reduce bandwidth and your storage needs.

Affordable & Environmental-Friendly
Select from the various lines and channels or simply mix-n-match different models to suit your needs, Plustek has a solution that is suitable yet affordable tailor-made just for you! Furthermore, all of the series are extremely energy efficient, comparing with other PC based surveillance system. Saving your energy bills right from the start! Many of our models consumes less than 25Watts of energy, which transfer to more than $200 USD/year!

Tiny yet Mighty
Our slim series are ultra-light but powerful. Palm-size models are the most ideal fit for any environment. Using travel size hard drives, we have created a recorder so small that you can carry and go. The fanless design, further allow us to minimize the device, replacing fins with fans. Storing the device in the ceiling, back of a closet, side of the desktop, even in the light pole, just mount the product securely and you are off to go. Heat generated from operation is evaporated from the aluminum alloyed casing fins, keeping the unit functioning yet stably.

Many places around the world rely on Plustek for their security surveillance solutions. It’s easy installation, friendly controls, energy-saving consumption are only three of the many advantages from the list waiting for you to discover. A discreet yet powerful gadget effective to protect your safety anywhere; choosing Plustek for your multi-location protection is your best choice.


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Successful Development References
Country Customer Model
Germany American Broker Company of Lazard NVR 4000
Germany Hofbräuhaus Munich NVR 4000
Germany Schmitt & Hahn NVR 4000
Germany Zeitgeist Watches and Juweleer NVR 4000
Germany Drugstore Bären Apotheke Kassel NVR 4000
Germany “Schmitt & Hahn”Frankfurt Rail road Station NVR 4000
Germany The Castle of the Fairy Tale King NVR 4000
Germany Hellmann Fashion NVR 4000
Germany EURONICS STORE in the City Stade NVR 4000
Germany TWK Wedel Manufacture Building NVR 4000
Iran Melam Logistics NVR 4200
Egypt MicroFilm NVR 4200
TaiwanTaoyuan City Government for Intersection NVR 4200 & NVR 4300
JapanShinto ShrineNVR Slim240Pro
USAAT&T My Wireless Retail StoresnDVR 540
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