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Case Study: Sacramento PD Police Observation Devices Program

Having surveillance cameras setup is nothing new, but building an intelligent system that can monitor, retrieve and collaborate in order to provide traceable elements for police officers to investigate and respond would be crucial. This information can be retrieved and reviewed between command center and the field officers whenever they need it.

When a crime has occurred, the surveillance camera system’s role should be to provide information that’s faithfully presenting all the corresponding pieces of the surrounding area for law enforcement to analyze. The challenge of making a city surveillance realistic and efficient is to form a network that covers more zones so it links one to another. Hence being more cost effective is the key in determining the final result.

There could be ways to build such surveillance system to accomplish these goals. However, getting the right equipment with dependable reliability illustrates the fundamental of the project. This is why Sacramento PD POD (Police Observation Devices) program received the CPCA Excellence in Technology Innovation Award.

“By combining with various technologies and tools, Plustek makes it possible for us to build a reliable POD that we can count on.” Says Sgt. Marnie Stigerts, Sacramento PD High Tech unit, “this implementation proved the success for this model and there will be more PODs to be built in coming years.”

Plustek is proud to be a part of Sacramento PD POD project.

For more information please contact T.714-670-7713 x8508.

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