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My Wireless Increases Security with Plustek Surveillance System
The Plustek nDVR 540 Digital Video Recorder Surveillance System Helps Protect 50 AT&T My Wireless Retail Stores

My Wireless Store with Plustek

The nDVR 540, a digital video recorder surveillance system designed for use with CCTV cameras, have been implemented in 50 of My Wireless’ AT&T mobile device stores in California and Nevada – to increase security while preventing loss.  

“There are many benefits of upgrading existing surveillance systems to IP-based systems,” said Scott Chen, Vice President of Finance at My Wireless. “From a centralized headquarter office, employees with various positions are able to easily view and monitor live footage and also playback videos from various locations.” 

After ten years of operating without video surveillance in stores, My Wireless installed the nDVR 540 system in its stores, even with limited space at kiosk locations, to prevent further losses from stores. The stores are required by AT&T to display products, making shoplifting an extremely high concern for store operation. Users have the option for multiple people with different privileges to manage Plustek’s nDVR 540 from remote, online locations and from most mobile devices including the Android, iPhone and iPad. The system allows for My Wireless to monitor surveillance footage from their corporate office. This option greatly relieves additional support and work from employees at each location and makes it easy for the corporate office to monitor stores located across multiple states.   


“The nDVR 540 is meeting our needs,” said Kevin Chen, operations specialist for My Wireless. “With our stores spread so far apart, Plustek’s nDVR 540 allows us to monitor numerous stores from our corporate office, and we have seen a substantial decrease in security issues. The system is not only easy to install and use, but provides a safe environment for our employees.

”The nDVR 540 supports four channel CCTV cameras and with its H.264 compression, reduces bandwidth and storage requirements, provides high quality video streams, and offers real-time recording and display. The high quality streaming provides excellent preview and advanced alarm notifications. The nDVR 540 has a built-in Web interface that is used for set-up, configuration, video previews, live view, and playback. The internal drive in the nDVR can be partitioned to separate sensitive and/or confidential data to restrict access. A ten second pre-alarm buffer on event recording prevents the loss of important video and an email notification option can notify security personnel of the alarm. 

PlustekSecurity also includes Video Management Software (VMS), which supports up to 128 channels, and allows users to browse live and playback video simultaneously. Video streams have the option to be automatically or manually backed-up and can be saved to any network storage device. VMS also allows users to view video channels from multiple locations on one screen.

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