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Advancement in securing passengers in Taichung City, Taiwan Intercity Bus


As the protection of environmental awareness on the rise, more and more people are taking public transit as contributing their shares in reducing carbon footprints. Many countries around the world are now installing surveillance system on their local transportation system to protect its citizens. This phenomenon of change is especially prevalent in everyday Taiwan, one of Asia’s financial hotspots. Public transportation’s security is quickly growing to be a vital challenge that needs to be addressed by both public and private transportation companies.

Taichung, Taiwan’s second largest city, has a population of over 300 million, most of which rely on city buses as the primary tool of transportation. “Initially we managed the buses with Global Positioning Systems (GPSs), which allowed for tracking of the vehicles but none to real-time video or limited incident reaction assistance,” said Mr. Wu, manager of the Taichung City Buses. The fleet’s GPS system could not provide management on in-depth cause of misroute, delay schedules, driver and passengers’ safety and/or behaviors. Moreover, Mr. Wu has no means of tracking down vandalism and theft to his own assets and is seeking for a solution that can both create a safer environment and a stress-free journey for all the travelers on board.


Mr. Lee, Project Manager from Hanktek systems had a chance to introduce Mr. Wu Plustek’s transportation surveillance solutions. He stated that “in the past few years, the mobile surveillance developers are mostly DVR manufacturers. Plustek is one of the first leading developers of mobile security NVR with fleet management integration.” Plustek Smart Mobile NVR Series not only is fully integrated with the most well-known fleet management firm in Taiwan, furthermore, the recorder can withstand the constant vibration from various road conditions with what we called “V-technology” in addition to being certified with e-Mark, ISO 60571-3, IEC 60571, and EN 50155.

Through the advanced WiMAX internet structures available in the Taichung city, Mr. Lee is able to utilize the high-speed bandwidth to smoothly stream surveillance video and when an abnormality is detected, all critical data will be kept in the local recorder, as the system sends an immediate alerts to managements for assistance and notification. All of these benefits come with an embedded Linux system, which is known more stable than any PC-based surveillance server and can withstand the extreme temperatures of -20℃ ~+65℃.


“After adopting Plustek Mobile NVR with the fleet management system solution”, Mr. Wu states “we’re able to access instant video live view, remote playback, audio capture and more. All of these actions can be done with a simple click on the user-friendly interface on Plustek’s mobile solution.”

Public transportation system is intrinsically related to the safety of passengers and pedestrians. By connecting to real-time video feeds through the backend management system, control center personnel can adequately monitor drivers’ behavior and keep them in line. In case of an accident, the assistance will be delivered correctly in time. Furthermore, responsibility can be clarified easier by playing back videos to view the vehicle surroundings when incident occurred. Jack Chuang, Product Manager from Plustek, said that “with wireless network-based data transmission integration, the transportation industry can look forward to cost reductions associated with installing additional surveillance sites. Additionally, all recorded data can be well protected by saving on-site storage systems enabled by Plustek’s solution.”


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