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ABC Jewelry store, located in the heart of Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany, bears in its simple store front what every women wants at the most important moment of her life – a sparkling stone –the diamond. Behind the transparent counters, where silver, gold ornaments, all kinds of rare pearls, diamonds, are set forth by their value, two to three friendly clerks are happily assisting couples and families to easily find among all shiny sight of jewelry in front of them, the right treasure to hold in their bright future. However, thefts are still inevitable when the clerks are busy or retrieving pieces from the limited edition jewelry cabinet jewelry for their customers. The theft occurred 7 years ago at closing time to this 22-year old shop jewelry when two thieves stole a complete set of precious pearls imported from Fiji. Unfortunately, because of the original CCTV system pixels was not high enough, the thieves’ faces could not be clearly defined, so the jewelry store owner, Uwe, decided to take the initiative in confronting the possible future robbery or theft. He began looking for architect and engineering consultants to learn how to not only deploy a better solution without completely replacing his current CCTV system but also how to improve on existing concerns such as lack of higher pixels of his cameras, high power consumption and scalability. This way, besides preventing the occurrence of theft, he can also provide a secure environment for his customers to happily and safely select the most touching gift for their family, friend, and fiancée.

The security system consultant recommended the Plustek solution as its own video server is designed for high compatibility with the NVR and has been tested thousands of times to ensure a high degree of stability. More importantly, through its flexible customization with third party integration, Plustek NDVR integrated the access control system with push alarm and notification to warn the police station and Uwe, which allows immediate responses to any abnormal activities in any store. Uwe added Plustek video server to connect to the original three analogue cameras while as the Standalone NVR Slim240 is connected to two 1.3 megapixel cameras from Panasonic, the 2 megapixel cameras are used to monitor the most valuable diamond window, coupled with the plustek software interface to control PTZ for a wide range view. The system was setup for 8 hours recording during business hours, and anomaly detection recording after business hours, with the Slim 240’s free 320G HDD, the system can save data up to 15 days. In addition, Uwe also set up full Backup and export scheduling control at his home PC through Plustek ‘s free complimentary back-end Multi-Manager.

Customer Feedback
Uwe indicated, "Since the addition of Plustek NVR to the original DVR, not only can he offer a greater security for his customers and reduce store losses due to theft, but also allows him to preserve some of the original equipment. This new solution allows ABC Jewelry store clerks to be more concentrated on offering a better friendly service and allows them to be at relieved when displaying valuable collections of jewelry in obvious locations without significant safety concerns.” He also added: “A real nice jewelry store is one that makes customers feel right at home as often is the case that only in a pressure-free environment can customers make the most important choices in life.” Everybody says: “Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but then again, a great monitoring system is the most important mate for any jewelry shop ". Diamonds are a girl's best friend, then again, Plustek is the best mate for any jewelry shop_EN_20110225

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