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Law Enforcement
Case Study: Sacramento PD Police Observation Devices Program
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Plustek mobile series are develop to fight against the constant occurrence of vibration on the road. A series in which can help fleet management services in many forms to better manage its assets while on-the-go!
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Multi-Location Installations
Got several offices across the city, country, or all over the world? Or have to manage several intersections at once? Plustek’s surveillance recorders are delicate appliance, standalone, that is the prefect gadget and most suitable as your edge storage device!
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Tough & Industrial
Installation often takes places in extreme environments. It can be in a light pole or down beneath with the oil barrel, no matter what your needs are, Plustek’s got the solution for you. Our surveillance recorder series are equipped to accept extreme wide range of temperature fluctuations, moreover, the fanless design is made to meet the tough industrial grade standard.
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