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The Perfect Transition Solution from Analog to Digital

Analog surveillance system has been a part of the security market for many decades, however, with the fast advance technology and the need for further advance functions from the society is showing a slow shift in the industry to the digital world. Plustek VS 580i, a powerful & mighty H.264 video encoder is made to digitize your existing analog video camera’s signal instantly and enable you to the same benefits as an IP system. It’s the perfect little gadget that comes in aid when you are transiting from your existing analog system. The palm size economical device, supports up to four cameras simultaneously in full D1 real-time video and audio encoding. Through the authority management controls, administrators can have the ability to create multiple users, with several access levels, allowing connection from around the world. This enables one to effectively manage one’s asset.

Supporting dual-stream, which allows management to access, obtain feeds, and monitor in MJPEG and/or H.264 video compression modes independently; which transfer to lower bit rate giving you the maximum bandwidth for smoother viewing capability. The powerful motion detection enables to system to send out alerts immediately via e-mail or SMS messages. Assisting owners and managers to stay in touch and act upon instantaneously shall any abnormal behavior happening while they are away. It can also be easily integrated with major CMS manufactures, such as, Milestone System through ONVIF. Opening the doors for you to larger and deeper analytic needs.

The Plustek video encoder, VS 580i is the best standalone, edge encoder to position closely with your analog cameras when installation of cabling is not feasible. It can relief one from costly new layouts of coaxial cables as well as providing one to much superior and smoother images sitting attentively next to the surveillance eye. PTZ controls can obtain simply through the RS-485 ports located right on the side panels. Given the ability to view wider angles and zoom in as if you are right there at the monitor site. Join and experience what Plustek security’s product line can do for you.

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