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Supports Close-Circuit Television / Analog Cameras

Analog is still the most common means for surveillance security system.  CCTV cameras usually comes with a BNC connector.  BNC connectors transfers data signals over a coaxial cable.  The unique locking mechanism ensures the cable is firmly secured to the recorder.

Larger Bandwidth Less Traffic

With today’s large need for higher resolution and finer surveillance footage details, having a Giga LAN can ease the traffice on your bandwidth network.

Seamless LiveView Streams

A new generation of standalone surveillance video recorder that supports up to 4 channels of seamless footage and liveview streams.

Supports Varies Video Compression Format

Offering compression modes in MJPEG and the H.264, where allowing you to store high quality videos in relatively low bitrates. With H.264, you’ll get better compression, greater flexibility, and more efficiency for your recording data. Storing more and longer surveillance videos with your existing resources.

Authority Management Controls

Administrator have the ability to create multiple users on the recorder and assign them to different user groups. i.e. general user, operators, and top users.  Each have different rights of monitoring, playback, PTZ control, and monitoring controls.

Motion Detection

 Recording is triggered when a moving object is detected by surveillance camera. All setting can be done over the recorder.  There is no need to set the motion detection for each individual camera by itself.  With a single screen, all cameras' motion detection can be activated and manage.

Low Power Consumption

The embedded system provides low power consumption and less vulnerable to virus.  The amount of power consumption needed for NVR is less than an energy saving light bulb.


Auto Power Recovery

Power will automatically resume after a power outage, data will be saved and recorder will continue to record. (Other PC-based recording solution will not be able to start-up automatically)

Pan-Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Enable

Conveniently control PTZ on your surveillance camera by "point and click" with your mouse on the control panel. Allowing you to view wider angles and finer details. In addition, with the RS485 interface, user's will be able to control PTZ locally.

Remote Access Controls

Manage and access recordings remotely. Recording data can be retrieved securely and remotely via web/FTP with login access control.

Fanless Embedded System

With the fanless design, users are left with 100% industrial grade product, great for outdoors where extreme temperature fluctuation occurs.
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