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XPRESS Gateway to Reliable & Economical Round-the-Clock Surveillance

The XPRESS series, NVR X840P, a range of entry-level standalone Network Video Recorders (NVR), dedicated designed for small business applications.  Capable of handling multiple megapixel surveillance footage and ensure stable recordings in high frame rates, furthermore, the simplify management provide one with a solid performance through the flexibility for expansion without further contributing to the workload of central server. Available in 4 channels combinations with built-in GbE port to ensure stable network video streaming and smooth bandwidth communication that’s equipped with 180Mbps network throughputs in which it possess the ability to connect up to 3x2 megapixel (1080p) cameras (or 4x1.3 megapixel (720p) cameras).

All Plustek’s security surveillance product line are preload with an in-house design VMS, Video Management Software, configurable through web browser with live-view & playback, simple management, little to no technical training needed, a reliable yet affordable surveillance system. Designed as Linux embedded appliance, the NVR is ready to ship and connect with IP Cameras. Internal SATA hard-drive bay ensure uninterrupted onsite recording for important and high-definition H.264 compressed footage (upgrades are available; up to 8TB storage capacity, additional fees may apply). Live monitoring can be done under an impressive 120fps at 30fps per 720p channel, offering you pure clarity of footage wherever you are! For other sensor integration and control needs, an USB port is reserved. Furthermore, feature ‘Easy-Link’ technology allows user to login to Plustek security devices hassle-free. Connection is established without struggling with any router settings, port forwarding, nor security firewalls.

The security system makes it simple to assign different levels of privileges to various users. With login access control, recorded data can be retrieved securely and remotely via web. Playback speed control allows for up to 32x speed fast forwarding request upon users and a manageable timeline slider and timespan scaler simplifies playback mode by dragging the indicator, frame-by-frame, across ones desire location. A ten second pre-alarm buffer on event recording ensures important video footages are secure and an email notification and footage upload to FTP option can be trigger to notify security personnel. In the professional assortments, local display through VGA interface is made available. Support of the smartphone and tablets on iOS (iPhone)/Android apps are also available. Experience it today, a surveillance security system offering you a peace of mind anywhere & anytime!

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