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Miniature yet Mighty!

Plustek NVR Slim388Pro, design specifically for your enormous security surveillance mission. A newmember to the network video recorder family, equipped and written with the powerful Linux based CPU for extreme criticalenvironment surveillance needs. Design with outstanding high-quality aluminum alloy casing storage solution that supportsup to 8 megapixel real-time recording network streams made to work under continuous high-temperature surroundings. Thefin design on the casing helps vaporize the heat generated internally quickly, thus eliminate the need for fans providing adevice that is purely industrial grade.

Low Power Consumption, Less vulnerable to Virus, Plustek Slim380, 8 CH

This miniature architecture reliable surveillance solution allows you to install in any location, even hidden in between theceilings, management can all be done remotely through your fingertips. Designed as Linux embedded appliance, the NVR isready to ship and connect to IP Cameras without further accessories. Internal SATA hard drive bay ensure uninterrupted onsite recording for important and high-definition H.264 compressed footage. The NVR Slim388Pro consist of 4 pairs of GeneralPurpose I/O (GPIO) connectors for setting digital (2 sets) input and (2 sets) outputs. A reserve USB port is allocated for othersensor integration and control needs.


Plustek’s NVR Slim388Pro includes high-quality video compression, embedded standalone NVR with a built-in web interface,alert e-mail notifications, and alarm video buffers; furthermore local display is made possible through the VGA interface,allowing seamless on-spot live monitoring. The built-in gigabit Ethernet provides connection flexibility for IP Cameras toensure stable network bandwidth and quality video streaming. With the in-house design Plustek “Search Tool” and centralizemanagement software,“Multi-NVR Manager,” you can daisy-chain the various line of Plustek’s surveillance recorder devicesand built your own empire with the monitoring capability all under your eye. Support of the smartphone and tablets on iOS(iPhone)/Android apps are also available.

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