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NVR Slim380, 8 CH, 8 Port, embedded switch, network video recorder

More Functions! Higher Storage Capacity! Perfectly Disguised in any Location!

The Linux-embedded Plustek NVR Slim380 with an integral SATA hard drive and network switch can be setup in minutes and requires no PC to run.  Just connect up to 8 IP cameras to the LAN ports (RJ45) then you are ready to record and manage/view via Internet browser. The NVR Slim380 provides video compression in Motion-JPEG and MPEG-4, and H.264. The cameras are fully manageable via your local network or over the Internet.  Due to its compact size and light weight design, the device can be installed to any spot even hard-to-reach location. Thanks to aluminum alloy structure, the fanless Plustek Slim380 is able to cope with temperatures from -20℃ ( -4℉) to +65℃ (+149℉) and offers trouble free maintenance.  The NVR Slim380 uses much less energy than both traditional DVR and PC-based NVR; in fact, it can save you up to $150 per year in energy costs!

Low Power Consumption, Less vulnerable to Virus, Plustek Slim380, 8 CH

The bundled software, Search Tool, is a utility that can detect the IP Camera(s) and Plustek NVR(s) connected to a local network, and make the installation easily. The Plustek NVR Slim380 allows user to control the IP cameras, setup the system, play back recorded videos, and  live views during recording via a user-friendly web-based interface.

Surveillance and management functions can also be done through Plustek’s in house CMS (center management software), MultiManager, that enables you to monitor up to 128 channels locally. The NVR Slim380 power will automatically resume after a power outage, data will be saved and NVR will continue to record.  The standard video decoding is AVI format, which can be played via media players.  The recordings includes time stamps which can be provided for event investigations and can be back up with the included utility.  Recorded data can be retrieved securely and remotely viewed/managed via web/FTP with login access control.

The Plustek NVR Slim380 comes with a built-in 2.5” SATA HDD (default 1 TB for simultaneously recording of 8-channels up to 700 hours, at QVGA resolution, 10 fps). Different recording modes can be defined for different time periods, e.g. alarm recording at daytime and continuous recording at night time. Furthermore, the digital video data can also be transferred to a data center or to other devices for remote back up or event investigation.

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