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Network Video Recorder, Standalone NVR, NVR, surveillance recorder, security recorder Dual Giga LAN for Maximum Monitoring Live Views

The Plustek NVR 4300 is one of the smallest and most energy efficient Linux-embedded NVR standalone systems for surveillance solutions. The NVR 4300 not only offers easy installation, but every machine undergoes extensive testing before its released, making it one of the most stable and durable systems of its type. Designed with an open-platform concept to allow integration of linear systems, the NVR 4300 is future-proofed towards the growing areas within surveillance technology.

The NVR 4300 provides video compression in Motion-JPEG and MPEG-4, and it supports the latest compression mode - H.264. The NVR 4300 is designed to work primarily with network or ‘IP’ cameras but can also manage traditional analogue cameras. The cameras are fully manageable via your local network or over the Internet. The NVR 4300 provides the most efficient video coding transmission for your surveillance recordings. This powerful unit provides you with a comprehensive security solution for detecting shoplifters, reducing false alarms, increasing personal safety, and/or simply viewing your premises. It is an ideal solution for monitoring shops, gas stations, hotels, and business/offices premises.

The NVR 4300’s bundled software application, Search Tool, enables simultaneous recording and remote access to live views and offers easy installations and auto camera detection. This software is capable of playing back recorded images and videos. It is powerful and user-friendly video management software for monitoring and controlling event functions. Surveillance can also be done locally, through Plustek’s in house software, MultiManager, a CMS application that allows you to monitor up to 128 channels.

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