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Small Footprint, Easy Setup and Advanced Network Capabilities

With the enormous growth in the business and economy, there has been an increase in the criminal activities across the geographies. Threats like burglary, shoplifting, road rage, smuggling, vandalism and terrorism have become rampant all arround. Organizations, whether it is government or private, small or big, are aggressively adopting surveillance technology to keep them immune from the effects. 

Positioned as the 24/7 surveillance tool, nDVR 580 can really solve the problem ensuring safety and security of shops, petrol stations, small business, hotels, offices and many more institutions. The nDVR 580 supports 8-channel CCTV cameras and with H.264 compression it offers real-time recording and display. The intelligent streaming provids excellent preview and advanced alarm notifications. It can be managed by multiple people from a remote location and from any device including the android and iPhone/iPad smart phones. Monitor online from various browsers (Internet Explore, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari)  Connect with Windows Joystick to view the images and recordings from various angles at various sizes.

Easy upgrade, no re-cabling and camera calibration needed
The Plustek nDVR 580 is a digital video recorder surveillance system designed for use with CCTV cameras. This nDVR is easily integrated with existing CCTV cameras. Simply attach the cameras BNC connector to the Plustek nDVR.  

Easy setup, and ready to use. No technical networking training needed  
The nDVR 580 has a built in web interface that is used for set-up, configuration, video previews, live view and playback. This interface is accessed by using any web browser. Videos streams can be viewed over the internet thanks to PlustekSecurity DDNS. PlustekSecurity provides free DDNS service and automatic port forwarding to enable view live streaming video through a web browser.  

Manageable IP video stream   
Using MJPEG and H.264 compression features, the nDVR reduces bandwidth and storage requirements and provides high quality video streams. The Plustek nDVR supports up to 120 fps, frame and resolution rates can be adjusted for each channel. Video streams are automatically or manually backed up and the can be saved to any network storage device. The internal drive in the nDVR can be partitioned to separate sensitive or confidential data to restrict access. A ten second pre alarm buffer on event recording ensures no loss of important video and an email notification option can notify security personnel of the alarm.  

Multi-location Monitoring and Management  
PlustekSecurity also includes Video Management Software (VMS). This advanced NVR management software supports up to 128 channels and includes video on demand capability. Also, VMS allows users to view video channels from multiple locations on one screen.  

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