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The Perfect Gadget Blooming from the Two Worlds

Have an out-of-date security surveillance system that you can no longer maintain? Or not have enough budgets to upgrade to a pure network video recorder? Plustek’s hybrid series is the line dedicated to assist you through this transition with the capability to support simultaneously both IP cameras and analog cameras. It is simplicity and flexibility all-in-one box.

Plustek presents the Hybrid H540 model, an embedded system that’s the smallest and lightest video surveillance system, which combined analog and digital signal in & out technology. The Hybrid H540 not only can support analog cameras but as well as IP cameras letting you enjoy the benefits from both worlds. For some users, to start with the most commonly found analog cameras would be the best approach, then slowly migrate to an IP system that “they” know, would best suit their surveillance needs.

The design of Plustek Hybrid H540 is fashionably made and with superior high quality, it supports up to 4 channels of video inputs and allows capturing of audio input/outputs as well. The D1 resolution for each channel works with the latest H.264 & MJPEG compression format provides users with the utmost transmission of video footage define by the user. Hybrid H540 uses the embedded Linux system and its concept of small palm size exterior design allows installation to me made at ease. The fanless gadget also supports wide temperature range to prevent hot shutdown occurrences. Moreover, though the unique Plustek “Search Tool” and “Multimanager”, one can have “live view” and “recordings” all at the same time. Even when traveling on the road, monitor through your iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, or Android smartphone in seconds, all at your fingertips!

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