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Mobile NVR
Transportation Network Video Recorder

Plustek NVR 4200V is the mobile network video recorder that is specifically designed for public transit applications. Engineered to withstand the often-heavy vibrations generated by the vehicles, the ability to withstand the temperature fluctuations built for dependability, long life, and low maintenance.  Plustek NVR 4200V is the requisite choice for mobile surveillance in all types of public and commercial vehicles such as taxis, vans, buses, trains, trams, limousines, and heavy goods vehicles. 
Not only does Plustek NVR 4200V provides additional secure environment for the passengers, moreover, it serves as an additional marketing channel by allowing commercials to air.  The possibility of showing advertisement offers a source of revenue for the transport operators, allowing the IP solution to pay for the surveillance solution itself.

Plustek NVR 4200V is capable of multiplex recording up to 4 cameras at up to 60fps, while concurrently handling panic/system alarms, processing GPS positing data, transmitting positional co-ordinates via SMS and using intelligent power management. With the above and a multitude of other features combined to make Plustek NVR 4200V the most powerful public transportation surveillance tool available.



Low Power Consumption



CE, FCC, E-mark, emark, e-mark, E4, e4, ISO 16750-3, ISO 16750. EN 50155, IEC 60751


*model not available in the USA

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