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Web-based viewer, 4-CH View, 4 CH view, remote surveillance

Web-based Live View Real-time surveillance monitoring for single/ 4-channel display mode

Plustek MultiManager, Remote Backup, Up to 128-Channels

Software-based Live View Real-time surveillance monitoring

for single, 4, 8, 16, 64, 128-CH mode.

Audio Function, Audio IN, AAC, Microphone

Supports real-time audio (1-way/channel) and video monitoring/ recording.

PTZ Control, Pan Tilt Zoom, Pan, Tilt, Zoom, remote PTZ

Convenient control the PTZ onyour IP-based camera by "point and click" with your mouse on the control panel. Allowing you to view wider angles and finer details.

E-mail alert, e-mail alert, email alert

Immediate live alert with instant alarm signal and e-mail sent to adminstrator.

motion detection

Motion Detection Capture

Recording is triggered when a moving object is detected by IP-based camera.

All setting can be done over the NVR. There is no need to set the motion detection for each individual camera by itself. With a single screen, all IP-based camears' motion detection can be activated and manage.

Sensor Triggered Alarm

Sensor-triggered alarm capture

The NVR can receive any alarm signals from the IP-based camears specified by the users. The NVR will take the signal and send a notification to the adminstrator. (i.e. an open door/window, smoke is detected, recording will automatically be activated)

alarm schedule recording

Alarm schedule recording capture

Different recording modes can be defined for different time periods, e.g. alarm recording at daytime and continuous recording at night time.

power resume, auto startup, auto start up

Power will automatically resume after a power outage, data will be saved and NVR will continue to record. (Other PC-based recording solution will not be able to start-up automatically)


Standard video recording format with time/date stamp. The recordings can be back up with our MultiManager software and recordings can be saved in AVI format. (The time/date stamp on the video can be provided for legal evidence or simply the convenience of filing)
remote access, remote control, remote management Manage and access recordings remotely. Recording data can be retrieved securely and remotely via web/FTP with login access control.
Environmental friendly, Green IT, Green Technology, Green NVR

The embedded system provides low power consumption and less vulnerable to virus. The amount of power consumption needed for NVR is less than an energy saving light bulb.

Low Power Consumption

Quiet Fan, Low volume design fan
Internal low-noise fan design provides extended-life HDD operations.
Location Map, Pin point map, surveillance location map Location map can be uploaded for instant identification of monitoring locations.
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