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Local DisplayScrew terminals
Dimensions160x140x42.2mm / 6.30x5.51x1.66 inches
Weight985g / 2.17 lbs
Input VoltageNP 120-100W: 12VDC
NP 240-100W: 24VDC
NP 480-75W: 48VDC
Input Voltage RangeNP 120-100W: 9~18 VDC
NP 240-100W: 9~36 VDC
NP 480-75W: 18~75 VDC
Max Input current at No Load185mA
Output Voltage12VDC
Cut Off VoltageNP 120-100W: 10.5 V
NP 240-100W: 20.5 V
NP 480-75W: 33 V
Output Adjustment9.6-13.2V with internal trimpot
Max Output Current(s)NP 120-100W: 8.4A
NP 240-100W: 8.4A
NP 480-75W: 6.3A
Max Output Power (milliseconds)NP 120-100W: 100Watts
NP 240-100W: 100Watts
NP 480-75W: 75 Watts
Max Output Power (3 seconds)NP 120-100W: 100Watts
NP 240-100W: 100Watts
NP 480-75W: 43 Watts
Max Output Power (continuous)NP 120-100W: 60Watts
NP 240-100W: 60Watts
NP 480-75W: 6.3A
Output Plug TypeScrew Terminal Standard
Line Regulation24 mV
Load Regulation30 mV
Switching frequency300 KHz
Output ripple noise100mVp-p
Remote power on/offYes
ProtectionOver Voltage , Over Current, Short Circuit , Reverse Polarity, Over Tempature
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