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Delivers real-time footage of every vehicle in your fleet, right on your existing management interface!

plustek cyberview

Stay alert & DETECT with onsite real-time live view footages!

Main Features

  • Monitor with real-time LIVE footage/videos  on your existing infrastructure.
  • No complicated integrations, simple embed code, copy & paste and ready to go.
  • Effectively reduce overhead cost and eliminate extra network expense by combing image and data into one interface.
  • Centralize management, control, and tracking, helping you keep pulse of everything that’s happening with your fleet.
  • Bandwidth control with dual stream technology for footage fluency and smooth monitoring without compromising image quality.


Public transportation is what thousands of commuters rely on every day. In order to more effectively manage these public transportation, companies reply on fleet management for tracking. Fleet can be manage to increase accessibility of location, reduce fuel costs by minimizing excessive idling, ensure the safety of drivers and crew and much more. Fleet management and monitoring lets officials know exactly the condition of each vehicle; on the other hand, what about what is happening inside and out of every vehicle? In-vehicle video surveillance has become one of the most valuable security investments on-board, yet, maintain two separate system or getting video surveillance combine with existing fleet management has always been a hassle. Plustek CyberView is design to eliminate the cumbersome integration, with little to no learning curve to operate. Offering in-vehicle real-time streaming footage in minutes on your existing management software.

plustek cyberview

No Coding & No Port Forwarding/ DDNS Settings!

We’ve design Plustek CyberView in a way that reduces and eliminate the need for fleet management companies to switch, learn, and maintain a new system. Without spending weeks or months of hiring software engineers or technician to code for integration, CyberView can deliver in-vehicle high resolution real-time surveillance streaming footage/video to your fleet management in minutes. Plustek CyberView is available to you in the various platforms, on your desktop utility softwares, different web browsers, or even on-the-go mobile/smartphones. Contact us ( today to learn more!


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