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The On-the-Go Surveillance Protection Gear

Plustek Mobile VX-C540 for vehicle transportation sector is a mobile security digital video recorder that is specially designed for public transit applications. Engineered to withstand the often-heavy vibrations generated by the vehicles, the ability to withstand the temperature fluctuations built for dependability, long life, and low maintenance.  Plustek provides perfect mobile surveillance for public and commercial vehicles, the mobile series provides additional secure environment for the passengers and personnel.

Anti-vibration: V-Technology

Plustek Mobile VX-C540 is designed to be resistant to vibrations for installation onto vehicles, while suppresses heavy vibrations while in-transit.  The “V” technology isolates the assembly of the hard drive that is suspended on eight springs which possess a very low spring rate to minimize trembling affect while the vehicle is in action; moreover, the hard drive is then secure on to a three-layer secure level shock absorbing cushions that further reduce shock and movement! Whether for use on buses, cars, or trains Plustek’s mobile surveillance recorder series is expressly designed for the specific needs of any transportation security system.
Wireless: Mobility Integration Design
Surveillance on-the-go! The recorder fully integrated with 3G/4G and or WiFi, providing management real-time monitoring access and storage backup needs, thus, gaining control of the vehicle even when in action.  Administrators can also connect through WiFi, when the bandwidth is idle, the device can also serve as a ‘media gateway’ for passengers, effectively maximizing your investment.
Dual Video Image Mode Design
Mobile VX-C540 offers an unique dual video image mode, where users can select image resolution freely between, for instance: D1 or CIF format, to maximize their browsing speed and smoothness through the limited bandwidth limitations.  Moreover, selected product models supports both VGA and RCA video out, providing user more diversify options.
Intelligent Data Integration Design
The answer to fleet managements’ prayer, the fully integrated, all-in-one, GPS (Global Positioning System), temperature, and G-sensors mobile recorder (available on selected Plustek Security mobile series).  The device can synchronize real-time video footage and in-transit vehicle’s condition with Google Map, combing the data for administrator to reduce costs and optimize operations. Whenever the in-transit vehicle is under abnormal condition, the alarm system can be trigger and send out alerts. These alerts can be categorize and deliver alarm notification individually. (i.e. abnormality to the G-value on the X/Y/Z axis, vehicle temperature anomalies, or even when the vehicle deviates from the normal path when detected by GPS, all can be reported to the administrator according to the user setting.) When in emergency, an on-site buzzer notification can also be trigger through setting. Store data can be retrieved easily on-site or off-site to effectively clarify the responsibility and the cause of the accident to minimize any disputes.
Smart Power Control System & Energy Efficient
Plustek Mobile VX-C540 video recorder is extremely energy efficient and exceptionally low power consumption comparing with a PC based system.  It is specially designed for all types of vehicle application (24V vehicle DC voltage compatible). Selected models contains a built-in smart power controller that can provide a wide-range of voltage (9V~36V).  This system can stabilize the electronic voltage and protect all electronic devices connected to it. Furthermore, users can adjust the settings to automatically turn-off the recorder when the voltage is lower than specified to ensure both the vehicle’s battery and the recorder life cycle.
Create Your Own Monitor Center
Plustek mobile series can process GPS and G-sensor information to administrator when requested.  Through integration of the data, individual images/footage are combined with the above mention information, as well as, Google Map and saved both to local storage and remote site; moreover, the positing data and coordinates can be transmit via SMS making it more manageable for administrators.  The device can be further integrated with other applications ranging from analytics through video motion detection and audio detection, people counting, or even vehicle license plate recognition. Digital data can be used for additional management, such as: ERP, POS, data management, motion detection, event alarm, and PTZ control.
Dedicated Appliance
All of Plustek security series are non-PC architecture appliance, featured with Linux-embedded, standalone system for easy maintenance. Plustek viewer, video management system, is already configured in the recorder; no additional application software is needed. Real-time monitoring is easy and affordable with Plustek security surveillance recorders.
Local Storage
The mobile series allows footage to be stored on 2.5" SATA HDD. The surveillance data are stored locally and can be back-up through software applications to different sites. Even if the recorders are stolen, all video data can be easily recovered through the backup management system or/and an external FTP-file server.
Remote & Distributed Management
Authority mangement for security purpose, the system settings can also be managed anytime, from anywhere. No other technical knowledge is required, especially benefits to the transportation applications in moving. From a single image, up to 4 video cameras can be shown simultaneously either live or in replay mode. 
Plustek mobile series, the economical & cost-effective solution, your ultimate choice for your on-the-go surveillance protection gear!


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