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All-In-One In-vehicle Surveillance Solution

Plustek Mobile VX-C580 is an in-vehicle security digital video recorder that’s specially designed for the public transit sector (buses, trains, light rail). This all-in-one video surveillance system is engineered to withstand the vibrations generated by these transit vehicles. The VX-C580 is built to provide a seamless solution where daily video footage can be instantly and automatically uploaded-up to the command center’s server just using the Wi-Fi network.

Embedded 8-ch Mobile DVR Overview
The Mobile VX-C580 Wi-Fi and 4G includes everything you need in an integrated mobile video surveillance system. Equipped with Wi-Fi, Hotspot, GPS, and G-sensor, the mobile DVR is designed to work in all road conditions. It features an anti-vibration system, delivering a stable high quality H.264 video picture.

With its intelligent power control, this 8-ch mobile DVR is capable of handling a wide range of power inputs (9~36V DC) using its integrated ACC control. The MDVR includes a GPS receiver which can automatically record driving routes that can be overlaid onto Google Maps.

The system can send a single camera alert picture with Google Maps to give a full view of events in real time or saved locally to be viewed in more detail later. The store data can be retrieved to understand the cause of the accident to minimize any disputes.

Surveillance on-The-Go!

With optional 4G module, the system provides a stable broadband connection when out of range of a Wi-Fi connection. With 4G service enabled, an administrator can also gain full access to the mobile DVR’s onboard live broadcast and quickly view what the operator sees instantly and be able to interact with the driver in real time so any action can be taken immediately (works with Verizon, AT&T and other 4G networks). Real time video captures the full incident and clarifies the moment.

Wireless Backup of Videos

The VX-C580 can be enabled to automatically backed-up data whenever transit vehicles return and are in range of the command center’s Wi-Fi network. DVRs with Wi-Fi makes it a more convenient way to access the footage for backup and to create a daily routine for operators to maintain.

Dual Video Image Mode Design

Mobile VX-C580 offers a unique dual video image mode, where users can select image resolution instantly between, D1 or CIF formats. From a single image, up 8 video cameras can be shown simultaneously either live or in playback mode.

Intelligent Data Integration Design

Through the built-in general-purpose 4x input and 2x output (GPIO) control; more connection integrations can be made, like a silent panic button. When an alert is triggered, the signal can be transmitted through the 4G network and immediately sent to the control center.  

Smart Power Control System

The system contains a built-in smart power controller that can provide a wide-range of voltage (9V~36V).  Moreover, operators can adjust the settings to automatically turn-off the recorder before the vehicle’s battery drains.


Mobile VX-C580 is designed to suppress vibrations while in-transit. The hard drive is isolate and assembled on a suspension of eight springs.  This array of springs minimizing any uncontrollable shaking while the vehicle is moving. The hard drive is also secured by three-layers of shock absorbing cushions.

Local Storage

The video footage is stored on a 2.5" SATA HDD locally and can be back-up through software applications to external FTP-file server.

Dedicated Appliance

The system features the Linux-embedded OS, standalone system for easy maintenance.

The VX-C580 is the most cost-effective onboard surveillance solution for the public transit sector. When considering a mobile security system, choose a solution that will not be out of date in a few years. Having a truly integrated surveillance system will ensure that software and hardware work effortlessly together, whether it’s live video broadcast or automatically archiving video and data, seamlessly.  Plustek’s mobile surveillance recorder is specifically designed to exceed the needs of the public transit sector.


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