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The Plustek NVR series is perfectly suited for the protection of homes, offices and entire buildings. A comprehensive overview can be created with the possibility of connecting up to 128 cameras by linking several NVRs together (cascade).

Ease of use and low power consumption make these network video recorders to ideal building monitoring system. Around the clock high quality surveillance records anything that happens in and round your property – external security services can be given access so they can assess emergency situations en route.

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NVR 4200
Embedded Linux System
Low Power Consumption
Embedded Switch
1ch / 4ch camera input
User Friendly System Operation
Quick search / installation
NVR 4300
Up to 12 Channel
Dual Giga Lan streaming
GPIO alarm sensor
Optional USB interface
Embedded Switch ports
NVR Slim240Pro
Discrete installations with 12V input
Local storage of both voice and video
Plug&Play, ready-to-go!
Accessibility from anywhere
Only 800g in total weight (HDD included)
Fanless design, operating temp -20℃~+65℃
NVR Slim380
8CH for full coverage surveillance
High Speed Giga LAN interface
I/O Port trigger alarm recording
File transfer via external USB HDD (optional)
Fanless design
Global (English)
Asia Pacific