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Taipei, Taiwan (December 15, 2011) – Plustek Inc.,(  the leading manufacturer of innovative Linux-based, standalone Network Video Recorders (NVR), today announced several new features designed to facilitate the installer’s work and enhance the end user experience. Two prominent new features include auto port forwarding for routers with UPnP function and Dynamic Domain Name Server (DDNS) support.

Previously, when using a Plustek NVR connected by a router, installers or users faced an array of challenging technical issues. Now, with the new auto port forwarding function, users can forget the technical difficulties of setting up port forwarding when installing the security device. To support and provide a DDNS, Plustek now offers a free, specific domain name for each Plustek device. This great new feature means that users do not have to remember complicated IP addresses, containing long strings of numbers. Instead, they can easily find and access their NVRs.

Plustek now supports, in addition to Internet Explorer, the next most popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera—and no extra download is required. Another new feature, Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE), enables users to dial up directly to a Plustek device via ADSL to connect with the Internet. Users now forego the expense for an extra connection device between the black box and surveillance recorder because there is no need to purchase a router.

The many new features outlined above represent an extension of Plustek’s commitment to truly user-friendly IP Video Surveillance technology. Other highly user-friendly features and benefits Plustek has previously introduced:

  • Enjoy Web-based live surveillance monitoring in one to 12 channel display mode (depending on the device model)
  • Remotely schedule auto back-up with Plustek’s free software, “Multimanager”, installed on any PC.
  • After a power outage, automatic power resumption results in no lost data and continuous NVR recording.
  • Because Plustek is Linux based, there is no danger of losing data to a virus attack.
  • Plustek’s standard video recording format with time/date stamp makes video easier to retrieve and file.
  • The internal, low-noise fan design provides extended life for HDD operations.

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