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Taipei, Taiwan (June 24, 2011) – Plustek Inc., the leading manufacturer of the innovative Linux-based standalone Network Video Recorder (NVR), announces today several mobile surveillance NVRs developed for public and commercial vehicles: Plustek Slim series, 4200V, and 4300V. These solutions run on Linux OS and supports data transmission through Wi-Fi, 3G, 3.5G, and WiMAX. The whole vehicle surveillance solution has been tested and proven to withstand high temperature for long-term operation. In addition, Plustek’s advanced anti-vibration and voltage stabilizing technology (v-technology) provides higher stability to the entire surveillance recorder on the vehicle, ensuring uninterrupted data transmissions and recordings. Using the aforementioned selection of wireless networks, administrators can view live video feeds and playback previous recordings of all connected NVRs, monitor remotely in single, or multi-channel display modes.

Requiring no PC to run is a common feature among Plustek’s vehicle NVR series. With this convenience, users can install in easy steps. These machines are uniquely designed to dissipate heat through the hardware architecture without the use of fans. It keeps the NVRs running stably even when placed inside any heated means of transportation. Another great feature that makes Plustek’s mobile surveillance solution perfect for vehicles is its ability to manage the extreme fluctuation of voltage.  When power-off the vehicle, the surveillance system will keep recording and operate by feeding on the vehicles’ battery, however, when the health of the battery is low, Plustek voltage stabilization solution will kick in and cut-off the power, ensuring successful startup and not drained the energy source of the vehicle.

Through the integration of GPS and fleet management technologies, users can track the vehicles location, and virtually be with the passengers through real-time video. When a system detects an abnormality, the NVR will send out a notification via any available wireless networks.

Plustek vehicle NVRs can be used in various vehicles such as taxies, vans, buses, trains, trams, limousines, and trucks. When monitoring multiple sites, users can use MultiManager, Plustek’s free central management software to instantly manage up to 128 channels from different NVRs. This complimentary software makes managing the security of fleet much more convenient.

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