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On-the-Road Protection!
Prevent drive-off gas thefts before it happens
Remote & real-time alerts, right at your fingertips
Double the protection with video surveillance
Connect 24/7 making sure your business is safe
Keep an eye on your factory, even when you are away
On-the-Move or between stations, secure even when you roll away
Plug-n-play protection of your asset can be that simple
Contributing to a greener environment

Plustek Security- Capturing What Matters 

Home of the all-in-one on-board in-vehicle mobile DVR that’s specially designed for the public transit sector (buses, trains, light rail). Plustek video surveillance systems are engineered and equipped with advanced features such as: 4G, Wi-Fi, Hotspot, GPS, and G-sensor. Our mobile DVRs are designed to work in all road conditions so you can access live video. Live-Video Surveillance Is A Greater Deterrent Against Harm (Mass Transit Magazine) An investigative story done by the Los Angeles Times recently revealed that of the surveyed riders using the LA Metro system, one in five passengers were subject to unwanted advances or behavior...READ MORE

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